The best thing about being a tour guide at Real Rotorua is the fact that no two trips are
ever the same. Different people, surprising conversations, interesting observations … there is
always something new and unexpected. But of all my tours, it’s the night tour that delivers
the most surprises. I’ve been running the Nocturnal Adventures Tour for over a year now, yet
every time I take a group out I see things I’ve never seen before. Just when I thought I’d seen
enough possums and wallabies to last me a lifetime I started using red torch lights instead of
the usual white. Suddenly the animals carried on as though we were weren’t even there.

Last night we caught a possum in the spot light and he carried on doing his thing,
rubbing up against a tree, sniffing the bark. It was incredible. We walked closer and closer,
until he was only a few feet away. If I’d wanted to I could have reached out and petted him.
After that we caught two morporks in the red glow and they twit-twood as if they were all

Even when I turn the lights off I am consistently surprised. The glow-worms seem to
increase in number every time I visit and as soon as the clouds part the sheer number of stars
you can see takes my breath away.

It sure beats my last job as a truck driver. Although I did get to see quite a lot of
possums in that job too. I might not have sped up so much if I’d known how cute they are up

Call Real Rotorua now to join me on my Nocturnal Adventure Tour and I can
guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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