Considering that Rotorua is renowned for its bad smell, the tap water here is surprisingly delicious. The reason for this is the fact that the water makes its way through underground aquifers for as much as 70 years before coming to the surface, beautifully filtered and ready to drink. If you’d like to get your water straight from the source, here are some of Real Rotorua’s favourite natural springs.

Hamurana springs

Hamurana springs, or Te Puna o Hangarua, as it is known by Maori, is both the largest and deepest spring in the North Island. Pumping out an impressive 4.5 million litres per hour these exquisite pools with crystal clear water are well worth a visit. A pleasant stroll through a redwood forest takes you to a number of viewing platforms where you can see straight down into the depths of the spring which is the largest supplier of fresh water to Lake Rotorua.

Paradise Valley Springs

Te Waireka spring, meaning sweet water, pumps approximately 200,000 litres per hour into the picturesque stream in the valley. Long ago before European settlement, local Maori tribes would bring their battle wounded warriors to Te Waireka spring to drink, as they believed these waters had healing qualities. Be sure to bring a water bottle or two to fill up directly from the spring. We can’t guarantee that it will heal your travel wounds, but it sure will taste good.

Rainbow Springs Nature Park

A gentle stroll through this nature park is sure to put a spring in your step. The beautiful clear waters are home to enormous trout and eels, and there are numerous activities for both kids and adults on the way round, including a bird show, a nocturnal kiwi encounter and Rotorua’s finest playground. If you have half a day to spare, Rainbow Springs is well worth the entrance fee, and there are spring water taps next to the lizard enclosure so you can even take some water home with you.

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